Things to get high on in Monte Verde

When in Costa Rica go to Monte Verde to get high. Monte Verde with it’s amazing cloud forest is a popular destination. Here is a list of things to get high on in Monte Verde:

Stunning scenery

Monte Verde

As we were just getting in to Monte Verde with the van the sun was just setting and we just had to get out for pictures. And this is the view from the road to Monte Verde in the sunset. Oh yeah!

Zip lining

Do it. Just do it! I DID NOT do it and it is just one of those things I am regretting. Everybody loves it and talks about it. Yeah yeah, next time…

Freaky nature

Monte Verde freaky tree - reach the sky

Look at this tree! Get inside and up, you can reach the sky! I don’t know how to find it, but ask around.

Freakier nature

Monte Verde freakier tree

Just amazing. How did this happen? This is on the way to freaky tree number one.

Where to stay?

I recommend staying at Chillout House in Monte Verde, Costa Rica. They have both private rooms and dormitories. A good place to be based and hang out a few days.

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