The cutest hills you will ever see

I did not come to Bohol to enjoy nature – I came for the diving. As I did not know about the scenic treasure of the Chocolate Hills, I was surprised to find a spectacular scenery like this only a motorbike ride away from the popular Alona Beach where I was staying.

Guided tours

The locals are very convincing to take you on a guided tour to Chocolate hills and the Tarsier Center. The complete stops offered on the standardized tour (everyone is offering the same) are the following

  • Chocolate hills (amazing)
  • Pay to watch a big snake (meh, skipped it myself)
  • Eat at a floating restaurant (meh, skipped it myself)
  • Tarsier Research and Development Center. I was a little meh about this also at first, because I thought it would be more like a zoo, or pet shop, but meeting the cute gremlin like tarsier was a real treat!

So thanks for being so convincing, touts!

Where to stay

Most people stay at the island Panglao which is connected to Bohol island, and close to the airport. And in Panglao, the most common place is called Alona Beach. It has quite a few dive shops, hotels and restaurants. Check out accommodation alternatives here.

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