Get high on amazing scenery and excitement in Kawaguchiko

Japan Kawaguchiko, Fuji-Q mapIf you are a big kid like me – Kawaguchiko will make you scream of joy. If you like roller coasters that is, otherwise you might just scream. On Fuji-Q Highland you find the extremes. Also for natural lovers Kawaguchiko is worth a visit, because the area around Mount Fuji has spectacular scenery.

The highs and lows in Fuji-Q Highland

If you love rollercoasters, this is the place to go. Fuji-Q Highland has a collection of extreme roller coasters like

  • former fastest roller coaster in the world (still the highest accelerating rollercoaster in the world) – Fujiyama
  • former tallest roller coaster in the world – Dodonpa
  • the world’s second 4th Dimension coaster – Eejanaika
  • 121° freefalling Takabisha

These roller coaster rides are not suitable for people with back problems. Or impatient ones. There is about an hour waiting time on every popular ride, which calls for patience and good company in the queue. Unfortunately this means that you only have time for each of these rides one time if you want to try them all – which you do! There are also quite a few not extreme rides that you can take with shorter waiting time.

The scenery

Rent a bike to get around the whole lake and get the most impressive views

Just walking around Kawaguchiko is fun, but I recommend renting a bike to get around conveniently. Then you can go all around the Kawaguchiko lake, even lake Saiko, and from there see Mount Fuji from a thousand different angels. The views are really impressive, and every corner makes for a Kodak moment. You can not imagine how hard it was for me to select pictures for this article…

Go for an easy, fun and rewarding hike

The hike up the trail on Mount Tenjo rewards you with a really nice view of Mount Fuji. It is silly at times, has a couple of things to see on the way up, like a temple, view points with benches and it makes a good day trip for anyone regardless of fitness level. Also this hike was exciting because of the trail with Japanese signs I could not understand. Are there really bears? Am I going the right path? Those were questions I did not get answered yet, but I ended up on the top, and did not encounter any bears.

Getting there and staying there

If you are only interested in Fuji Q Highland, you can go back and forth with a special bus from Tokyo and only stay for the day to enjoy the rides. I recommend staying a night or two in Kawaguchiko instead. Go there, and enjoy Fuji-Q Highland well rested, and then add a few days for the rewarding outdoors activities!

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Good Things

  • Fantastic rollercoaster rides

Bad Things

  • Long waiting time for every ride

The Breakdown


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