Escape the European winter in Gran Canaria

It’s easy to find cheap flights to the Canary Islands within Europe and it is an easy escape from the cold weather. The nature is beautiful and the weather nice all year round on Gran Canaria. In December both the water temperature and air temperature stays around 20 degrees in the day. When the sun is out it gets even warmer.

I found a wonderful little hostel on the Las Canteras beach in Las Palmas, which everybody I met loved, they extended their stay and nobody wanted to leave. It is called La Ventana Azul and is a surfer’s hostel with a rooftop terrace. Not everybody there surfs though, so don’t worry if you don’t.

The surf school is great with attentive teachers and not too many students per teacher. For Christmas everybody was welcome to join in a big dinner.

It is a friendly place to hang out. I made some friends that I went on a road trip around the island with.

Gran Canaria road tripping

Road tripping on Gran Canaria means driving on drazy, steep roads. The scenery is pretty cool! We drove down to Maspalomas, where you find amazing sand dunes by the beach.

Gran Canaria road trip

Typical scenery crossing the island

Maspalomas sand dunes

Maspalomas sand dunes

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