About Another Destination

Welcome to Another Destination – a website collecting destinations. A collection of something that never ends. A collection of places to go to, to dream about, to get curious about. As we get inspired ourselves we want to inspire other people to dream, to get curious, to move. Explore different ways to travel. Because when you start moving, exploring, getting curious, it’s hard to stop…and why should you?

Another Destination is founded by Jenny Svensson, a traveler, explorer, freelancer, web developer, graphic designer, diver, swing dancer from Malmö, Sweden and based in Barcelona, Spain. Jenny traveled around the world during two years while taking a lot of pictures. One by one, destinations gets selected to be featured in the Another Destination web site to not get forgotten, and to get explored again, by both writer and reader.

Welcome to our world. Welcome to Another Destination.

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